Jakim Pakarinen, psykologi, psykoterapeutti (YET, 6/2014).

I’m Jakim Pakarinen, a Finnish entrepreneur, a psychologist (Master of Psychology) and a psychotherapist (MSc in Solution Focused Psychotherapy).

I’ve served few years as a chairman of Rati (Solution Focused Research and Innovation). We are a non-profit society and lobbyists for post-modern psychotherapies. The old money and structures seek to stay in their positions of modernity. Still, they can’t hold fast against changes to come.

I’m also a member of ISPE. ISPE is a global organization for people with ultra high intelligence. There are different approaches to define intelligence (the G, crystallized / fluid intelligence). I respect more wisdom (crystallized) than intelligence (fluid). Intelligence itself seems to be more of instrumental efficiency. Wisdom seems to be more of substance and of content. Perhaps of more social.

My therapeutic orientation is in integrative psychotherapy. I value cognitive and Freudian approaches. By school I’m a Solution Focused therapist. I see integrative framework as a natural development for the field of psychotherapies. Finnish legal structures and officials do not yet recognize the integrative psychotherapy.

Integrative psychotherapy is post-modern or even neo-modern phase of development. Surrounding world is still mostly modern (=old) and limited. So neo-modern development seems to be still a coming thing. I teach the neo-modern thinking to my clients. It is the highest known state of psychological balance and I have a very advanced conceptualization about it.

The research in the field of different psychotherapies point out that there are no differences in the outcomes of different psychotherapeutic approaches. This is a ground for integrative therapy.

My MSc studies emphasized in emotions. I wish to make a better inclusion of emotions to Solution Focused Psychotherapy. My theoretical (and neo-modern) model integrates the basic (discreet) emotions and dimensional theories of emotions. I also have a theory of love!

I’m planning to produce a psychotherapeutic mobile app from this work. The app and the theory behind it forms a tool for motivation and self management. It gives a grasp to very deep or primitive motivations and energies within us.

Emotion has also fundamental physical dimensions. These include neuroendocrinologic and hormonal, immunological and cardiovascular effects in body. Emotions are thus even literal energy within us. Unleash the power within you!

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